Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It's a gift, Jim! But not as we know it!

LivingSocial has unveiled a very interesting selection of free gifts to spread Christmas goodwill.

Special ‘deals’ include promises to do the dishes on Christmas day, share the remote control and even entertain the in-laws!

Local discovery engine LivingSocial has unveiled six alternative Christmas deals to spread Christmas goodwill over this festive season.

In a bid to capture to true spirit of Christmas, the six deals will show that the best presents don’t have to cost you a penny.

LivingSocial’s six goodwill gifts:

1.      Do the dishes on Christmas day

Once every last bit of turkey is eaten (and every last sprout brushed aside), there’s the inevitable pile of washing up. Only the chef is exempt so if you need to do your bit, don your favourite pair of rubber gloves and promise to do the dishes after Christmas dinner!

2.      Share the remote control

Christmas TV is hardly the best, but at the very least it should be democratic. Are you guilty of hogging the remote control? Can you not live without every second of Eastenders or the Downton Abbey Christmas Special? If you’re ready to relinquish control, then share this free gift and promise to let someone else choose for a change!

3.      Entertain the in-laws

Some say Santa Claus has the right idea…only visit once a year. And if that’s all it is, it ain’t too bad! Is it your turn to entertain the in-laws or chat to that wacky aunt this year? Share this free gift and promise to put the effort in this Christmas.

4.      Designated driver

A festive cocktail or two is a nice treat, but getting stuck in town without a taxi home is no fun on cold winter nights. Do a nice thing and designate yourself as a responsible chauffeur one evening this Christmas by sending this free gift to your friends.

5.      Take your pick from my wardrobe

Christmas is a time to scrub up and don your glad rags but don’t forget – sharing is caring! Has your friend been dropping hints about your designer shoes, sparkly top or little black dress? Sate her green eyes this Christmas and promise she can take her pick from your closet.

6.      Free pass from the sales

The pre-Christmas shopping frenzy is never quite enough, as we all know the best bargains are to be had on Boxing Day and beyond. Remember though, crushing through shopping centre doors isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Send this promise to your long-suffering bag carrier and let them put their feet up for a change.

Steven Marritt, the ebullient CEO of LivingSocial UK told That's Christmas: "Christmas is all about giving a little back to friends, family and the people who have supported us throughout the year. This is why we've launched our free goodwill deals - to spread a little joy this festive season.

"Lost for ideas? Need a stocking-filler or two? These alternative Christmas gift vouchers are fun, free and exciting presents to share with friends, family and loved ones at Christmas."

The gift vouchers are available to download now from the LivingSocial website and from the links above.

For more information and for your downloads please visit:

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