Saturday, 13 December 2014

How to beat the temptation to present pinch!

30% of us admit (rather guiltily!) that we keep Christmas presents that we bought with the intention of giving it to someone else, because we fall in love with it ourselves!

This information has come out after eBay conducted a survey.

Figures show that Londoners (35%) are the worst for this, whilst those in the North-West only come in at 25%.

Women are worse than men, (34% vs 26%), those aged 16-24 (37%) are even worse!

But it’s not just nicking presents that should have been destined for others, 50% of us actually indulge in a little self-gifting whilst we are out Christmas shopping for presents. 64% of West Midlanders admit to doing this. (EDITOR: Maybe it's a reward for buying such nice gifts for other people?)

Sometimes we have problems sourcing suitable gifts for members of our family members.

The research shows we have problems with partners (26%) and brothers and sisters (15%).

eBay spokesperson, Julia Hutton-Potts adds: “We all know Christmas is a time for giving to our loved ones – and it appears it is also a time for giving to ourselves as well. With gift inspiration all around us, it’s not surprising we also want to treat ourselves.”

(EDITOR: That's Christmas has an idea that we feel eBay may approve of. When you find a suitable present on eBay that you might be tempted to nick for yourself, buy at least two of them, instead!

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