Thursday, 4 December 2014

Have yourself a yummy little Christmas

2014 has most definitely been about crafting and Maps Toys are really getting into it with their wonderful Yummy Dough.

You and your children can really get into the festive spirit like never before by starting to crafty things that you can eat!

The mouldable edible dough (the only one in the world) lets young children (and their parents!) get creative for Christmas.

They can get making festive shapes or whatever their imagination encourages them to produce.

It's simple. You just add water to the powder mix and you'll get a pliable Yummy Dough mix in a range of striking primary colours.

Then you just manipulate the work the dough into whatever different shapes that you want to.

Then comes the really brilliant part, you bake your creations then eat them! Obviously this part will be done under adult supervision or assistance.

You and your children will love seeing their handiwork made into edible creations they can share or even give out as presents?

Not only is Yummy Dough innovative, it's also perfectly safe, too and only costs around 7.99.

It is available from Amazon, Prezzybox and selected toy retailers throughout the country.

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