Thursday, 4 December 2014

Harveys Bristol Cream sherry is a part of Christmas

Yes, Harveys Bristol Cream sherry is a part of Christmas.

Mince pies and a glass of Harveys Bristol Cream sherry.

A glass of something to warm the cockles of your heart after you come back from walking the dogs? A glass of Harveys Bristol Cream sherry!

Unexpected but well-loved visitors? Get out the Harveys Bristol Cream sherry!

Had a hard day Christmassing? Well, settle down with some mince pies and some Harveys Bristol Cream sherry!

A Christmas party or an informal gathering at Christmas? Then you really do need to break out the Harveys Bristol Cream sherry.

In fact, there's an argument that Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry is the fuel that helps keep Christmas running so smoothly.

As for my wife and I? Harveys Bristol Cream sherry and watching the 1951 version of a Christmas Carol.

We think you should Buy a bottle. Hang on! Better make that a case! Check with you nearest wine merchant for details or put a few bottles in the trolley next time you visit your supermarket. And if your supermarket doesn't stock it, then may we suggest that it's time you change your supermarket? Just a thought...

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