Saturday, 6 December 2014

Give them the gift of peace of mind with The EasyLock

The EasyLock is a fantastic and utterly revolutionary way of protecting what you value, or what other people in your life value,including their own lives.

It's a gift that anyone would like to receive.

It's light (said to be the lightest of any lock of its kind in the world) and it will offer complete protection for 95% of doors that open inwardly.

It's a brilliant and portable locking solution that offers that extra bit of security and improved peace of mind to students living away from home, business travellers, people who live by themselves and for the home.

It's as strong as steel, yet is as light as plastic.

It's durable (there's a lifetime guarantee) and it can be installed within a matter of seconds, making the user feel safe and secure.

It's small enough to fit within a pocket and comes with an attractive and very handy carrying case.

It was invented by Bob Fitzjohn an entrepreneur of some 66 summers. He told That's Christmas that he invented it for his own grandchildren, as he knew that, one day, "they'll be off travelling the world and I wanted to create a solution that would keep them 100% safe, no matter where they stayed."

The EasyLock will cost £24.95, with free postage and is available in pink or silver colours.

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