Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Give the gift of beauty this Christmas

You can give the people you care about the gift of beauty from within this Christmas with the science of Alimetics.

How does it work? The theory is that what we consume makes us stronger and better. If that wasn't so, would vitamin C prevent scurvy? Of course not! But it does.

So beauty 'in has taken this basic scientific concept and developed it into a whole range of beauty products that work from within.

There's teas that can be drunk either hot or cold, drinks that you Blast, Shake and Drink, beauty candies and beauty bars to be eaten.

The range of products contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins, oils and hydrolysed collagen to help you maintain a good healthy and glowing skin.

They not only taste remarkably good they are also remarkably good for you, too.

The range has been developed by Cristiana Arcangeli, one of Brazil's foremost beauty experts.

They are available in the UK, to learn more visit

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