Wednesday, 17 December 2014

From the Gallo Family to your family this Christmas

Several years ago I made a mistake that could have, if not actually ruining Christmas dinner, would certainly not have been quite so good as it should have been.

Just before it was time to start serving Christmas dinner my wife said: "OK, where is the wine to accompany the meal?"

She looked at the expression on my face and said: "Please don't tell me you forgot to buy any?"

Of course, I had forgotten! In my defence I have to say that the life of a journalist can be a bit weird as you are never actually off duty, as such.

"Don't worry!" I said, sounding more confident than I felt. "I'll go to the 24/7 petrol station. They'll be open and I am sure I'll find something there!"

My wife sneered (well, you would, wouldn't you?) and off I set.

When I arrived at the petrol station the expression on my face must have been rather like that of Scrooge in the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol when he was met by the massive feast laid out by the Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooge's own chamber.

For I saw a chiller cabinet and a large ambient temperature display stand filled with wines and there was a whole range of Gallo Family wines!

An assistant who was busy stocking shelves (he was, of course, wearing a rather fetching elf jumper!) said: "Yeah, the boss always keeps a good selection of wines in. And some bottled real ales, too!"

I made a selection of two suitable bottles of Gallo Family wines (one for the main course, one for desert) and returned home, triumphantly.

So the 24/7 Petrol Station and the Gallo Family helped save our Christmas that year and made me look something of a hero, rather than a forgetful twit!

For this article I am going to look at two wines from the Gallo Family.

The first is an Autumn Red. I am not normally a fan of red wines, but I speak as I find and I find this read wine as being absolutely delicious.

It has a warming, pleasing flavour, which tastes fruity and which reminds me of an Autumn (sorry, Fall!) trip I made to California several years ago, seemingly impossibly warm and sunny, yet still with touches of Autumn to the air.

It's silky smooth, buttery and, as I say, utterly delicious.

The second wine to be tested is a Gallo Family Pink Moscato, also from California.

It's fresh tasting and it is deliciously, wonderfully sweet, yet not overly so.

It is a delightful take on the rose type of wine. The scent is of Californian sunny summer days. Can you hear the buzzing of the bees of California when you open the bottle? Well, no, but you can almost hear them as you take your first sip of this delicious wine.

I have a friend from California (actually from Wine Country, as it happens) who assures me that Californian wines are the best in the world and bearing Gallo Family Pink Mocato wine in mind, I do think that she makes a fair point!

These wines are available from all good wine merchants, the major supermarket chains and at least our 24/7 Petrol Station, too!

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