Saturday, 13 December 2014

Don't forget the Perrier Water this Christmas!

Please don't forget the Perrier Water this Christmas.

Whilst there are those people who say: Drinking bottled water is ridiculous! You should only ever drink tap water!" I say: "To heck with that!"

Perrier Water is a gorgeous, clean tasting water that tastes the same no matter where you are, at home, in a pub, a bar, a restaurant or in a foreign country.

Tap water, however, can taste like old iron, like chemicals or as if it has been filtered through old socks.

Perrier Water, however, is different. It is a pure. natural spring water that is carbonated at source with naturally occurring carbon dioxide.

So, what does this mean? From the bottle or the can, you get  Perrier Water which can be drunk neat, used as a mixer for both alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. 

Should you attempt to use ordinary tap water for such a procedure you could end up with something that has the slight whiff of the swimming baths about it.

So, leave the tap water where it belongs, in the tap, and treat your guests as if you actually like them and treat them... to Perrier Water!

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