Saturday, 13 December 2014

Dom't forget Pukka herbal teas over Christmas!

It really is all too easy to forget about the important things in life, the vital things, at Christmas time.

Like what, for example?

Like yourself. We run around sorting out Christmas presents, finishing off the important projects that must be finished before we break up for Christmas.

Inviting people to Christmas dinner, writing out the Christmas cards. (EDITOR: Oh! I forgot some cards that I really must... See? I just did it again!)

And there's the food and drink that we will consume in abundance.

So, how on earth do we get something back for our own selves? Meditation? Well, yes, there's meditation. Good luck with that! "Ohmmmm..." BING! BONG! "Hello! I have a parcel for you to sign for!"

So, if not meditation, what, then?

A Pukka Herbal Collection box! That's what!

Although Pukka Herbs would be far, far too modest to say this, my wife and I like to call Pukka teas "a miracle in a box!"

In this particular box of herbal miracles you'll find elderberry and echinacea, lemon, ginger and manuka honey, night time, three mint and detox.

As they are from Pukka, you know you can rely on them to be organic, carefully selected, carefully blended and carefully packed to ensure they reach you in top condition. All you need do to enjoy them is to carefully prepare them in accordance with the instructions and there you have it, a cup of perfect herbal tea.

They smell and taste absolutely gorgeous. Will you find them as miraculous as my wife and I do? Well, we like to speak as we find and we have found Pukka Teas to be wonderful for more years than we care to remember!

Why not buy several packs? Some for you and some as great, authentic Christmas gifts that really will spread the true meaning of Christmas cheer this year?

Available from all good herbalists or visit for more details or to buy from their online shop at £2.39 a box.

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