Thursday, 4 December 2014

Cardhu Gold Reserve. The Spirit of Christmas yet to come

Cardhu Gold Reserve is a premium quality single malt Scotch.

Every-so-often one of the great distilleries of Scotland will bring out a new type of single malt Scotch which makes all the other distillers offer up a round of applause whilst thinking: I wish we'd made that!"

And the advent of Cardhu Gold Reserve is one such moment.

The golden liquid, Cardhu Gold Reserve has been keenly crafted and created by Maureen Robinson, who is a Diageo Master Blender.

In order to give this Scotch the start in life that it deserves, Cardhu is releasing a very special Cardu golden Moments gift set.

And Maureen decided to request that three people who she admires greatly to help her by asking them to design some elements to compliment Cardhu Gold Reserve.

Angela Flanders, a perfumier of some renown included a very special Figue Noire candle. This candle brings with it the heady scents of candied fig.

And Andrea Montague, a bartender who is known as a bartender's bartender, designed two quintessential cocktail recipes under the banner Golden Moments. Honeyed gold and Golden Delicious.

Contained within the presentation set is a special guide and two delightful Cardhu balloon glasses.

The recommended retail price that you can expect to pay is around the £55 mark.

So, what does Cardhu Gold Reserve single malt Scotch taste like?

It has a golden amber appearance and has the classic nose of an excellent single malt.

It has a quiet, unassuming start. But then something magical happens. Is there a hint of spiced Christmas cake?  Yes, I thought there was. But then came a rolling sea of other, complimentary tastes. Hints of summer fruits came through, perhaps a slight tang of the art of the expert maltster? Yes, there was a touch of the smoke, there.

The finish was equally delicious and as my non-Scotch drinking wife (her drink of preference is small batch made gins, in case you are interested) said: "Wow! There's a really good finish to this one! I think this is one of your better finds!"

You can buy the Cardhu Golden Moment Gifting Set at

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