Saturday, 13 December 2014

Buy some Blossom Hill Sparkling Moscato for Christmas

Almost everyone loves to have a bottle of sparkling wine in the house for Christmas and for New Year.

One of the recommendations that the That's Christmas Taste Team can make this year is a nice bottle of Blossom Hill Winemaker's Reserve Sparkling Moscato.

It is a high quality aromatic sweet sparkling wine, which is produced in Italy.

It is a clean and fresh tasting wine. There is a predominantly grape flavour which is also suffused with the tang of citrus fruits, but with a softer taste underlying it that reminds one of melon juice.

It is ideal for sharing with friends, perhaps with finger foods and snacks, or good for drinking with Christmas dinner or for seeing the New Year in.

It should be widely available from wine merchants and some supermarkets.

Visit for details.

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