Saturday, 13 December 2014

Big Cup, Little Cup's Reindeer Rocket coffee

Big Cup, Little Cup's Reindeer Rocket coffee is the perfect coffee for Christmas. Actually, it's the perfect coffee for any time of the year, in our opinion as coffee drinkers of some years standing.

It's compatible with your Nespresso machine and it has been declared as "The best coffee I have tasted in years!" by my wife and also myself.

It's a limited edition coffee (Note to Big Cup, Little Cup please change your minds and add this to your regular range, OK?) that is a combination of coffees from Brazil, Peru, El Salvador and Southern India,

I was not aware that they grew coffee in Southern India and mentioned this to my wife whose family originated in Southern India. She gave me one of 'those' looks and said: "Yes, of course they do!"

What does Reindeer Rocket taste like? If Santa needed a drink of coffee to help him get round all of the Billions of children in the world, then surely he would choose Reindeer Rocket coffee for the job!

It tastes like coffee. Like a good, honest to goodness coffee that has been lovingly created by people who know and care about coffee.

It has a full, robust taste (but using robust in the genuine sense of the word) that is full-bodied, with hints of warm summer suns, slightly nutty but not overly so and there's something about it's pleasing finish on the palette that just calls out to be the perfect accompaniment for mince pies or for a pleasing after Christmas Dinner cup (or three!) of coffee.

The coffee beans used are Arabicas and Southern Indian Robusta and is a Strength 9.

We at That's Christmas can heartily recommend this coffee.

To buy it visit or email them at

Do you really need to use a coffee machine to make it? Well, in truth, no, you don't. We found that our trusty over the jug filter worked equally well! (There are some bits left in the cup, but sacrifices have to be made for great tasting coffee, we feel.)

(Editor: That's Christmas acknowledges that Nespresso is a registered trademark Nestle.)

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