Monday, 8 December 2014

Angels, Dreams and Messages

Angels, Dreams and Messages is a book by Frederick Charles.

Frederick Charles has all the appearance of a modern renaissance man. Which what he is, pretty much.

He is an actor, a motivational speaker, a life coach and an author.

Frederick has a firm and unwavering belief in angels. He also believes in the importance of dreams, which he feels are "doorways into the subconscious and windows to the soul."

He believes that we can use our dreams to understand who we are and can be used to get a handle on what is happening in our lives.

They can, he avers, help us solve mysteries,  guide us, help us and act as teachers and mentors.

We can, he states, harness  the power of our dreams to help us to shape the reality that we want our lives to be.

He discusses the different types of dreams that we all are familiar with including sex dreams, dream where we are being chased, anxiety dreams, nightmares, psychic dreams and so forth.

Frederick describes many of the different dreams that he has had through the years.

Reading the book, I felt that Frederick was taking me on a journey through his mind, the mind of a man who is a genius, yet also warm, compassionate and filled with energy and a genuine love not only of life but a love of all humanity.

The book is an ideal present for those of us who are, generally speaking, hard to find presents for, those who are interested in esoteric subjects.

It is published by Austin Macauley at £7.99 and for a book of 324 pages, is very reasonably priced.

The ISBN is 798 1 84963 555 4.

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