Saturday, 23 August 2014

Godmister is Christmas

To provide the quintessential British Christmas for your family and friends, then you need some Godminster in your festive plans.

Treat them all (and yourself too, of course!)  to some truly delicious handmade organic British Brie from Godminster.

Godminster is based near Bruton, Somerset cheesemaker.

They  produce three types of creamy, organic Bries. They come as traditional, hand-rolled in crushed peppercorns and infused with garlic and chives.

Each individual cheese is lovingly created over a seven day period using only the ancient, traditional methods.

And for those who are concerned about such things, the Godminster milk is ‘set’ using vegetarian rennet.

The soft curds are hand-cut before being placed in individual moulds, which are, of course,  hand-turned.

Finally the Bries are taken into the drying rooms for just under a week, allowing them to have a bit of a rest, as the delicious flavour and creamy textures develop. And to cap it all, they are properly hand wrapped, too.

The Bries will be available this Christmas online ( as the Godminster Organic Brie Gift Selection priced at £18.50 including postage and packing.

Perhaps you don't like brie, or want to provide even more festive merriment for your cheese lovers this Christmas? Then why not buy some of the other very special cheeses from the Godminster Heart Cheese Selection, too?

There are two other award winning cheeses besides the handmade traditional organic Brie. Be tempted by the Vintage Organic Cheddar 400g heart, Vintage Organic Oak Smoked Cheddar (200g).

This gift selection is priced at £23.95 including postage and packing and is will also be available online from

And there are other Christmas gifts available from Godminster, like the Bloody Mary Gift Pack £32 incl. P&P, The Classic Port £90 incl. p&p, The Heart Party Pack £32.95 incl. p&p,  or the Godminster Vintage Organic 400g or the Heart and Fruit Cake £26 incl. p&p.

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