Monday, 9 December 2013

New book from doctor is ideal stocking filler!

A new autobiographical book from retired doctor, 88 year-old Dr. G. Alan Rose is called 'Sex & Alcohol in Retirement.'

It's about what happened to Doctor Rose after his retirement. The alcohol part is about his work as an expert witness in a large number of drink driving cases.

However, if Doctor Rose realised that the client was trying to pull a fast one he gave them the advice to plead guilty. He didn't want to see innocent people railroaded, but then again, neither did he want to see guilty people wrongfully let off.

The sex part of his retirement came about when he helped set up a clinic to help parents determine the sex of their children.

Although this is a somewhat controversial area of medicine it is Doctor Rose's contention that, "Sex selection does not change the balance of the sex ratio if ethical guidelines are followed."

The book is highly amusing and very well-written.

This is a fascinating and well-written book. It is available in print form as a paperback and as an e-book, from Trafford Publishing, the retail price for the print edition is  £9.87 or $16.20, the ISBN is 978-1-42690-051-8. Please note that VAT is applicable to e-books, but not print books.

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