Thursday, 12 December 2013

Explore Electricity an ideal Christmas present for ages 6 to 9

Explore Electricity is a book written by Carmella Van Vleet. It is published by Nomad Press.

It helps children explore electricity, how it is made, what it is and how it can be used.

It has a fascinating timeline from the earliest understanding of electricity in 600BC, right through to tpday.

It helps children learn ans also explore with 25 projects that they can enjoy, safely.

It encourages children to make and keep their own scientific journal, how to make a simple circuit, how to build your own working switch with a paperclip, how to build your own nightlight and so on.

It also covers the concept of 'green' electricity, what electromagnetism is, how to make a compass move and much more, besides.

It's a paperback book and is priced at $13.95 or £8.61.

It is available through Amazon at a reduced price.

The ISBN is 978 1 61930 180 1.

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