Sunday, 16 December 2012

Benedictine DOM for Christmas

My wife has a family recipe for Benedictine DOM. Two measures of Benedictine DOM and two measures of warm water and a cube of ice.

This, her uncle told my wife, will cure just about anything! And I must admit that the usual pre-Christmas bug was quickly helped on its way with several glasses of the family recipe! I am not sure which of the nearly 30 herbs and spices did the trick, but it certainly worked!

You can enjoy the warming, sensuous characteristics of  Benedictine by itself, or with water, or on the rocks.

You might also enjoy a Cafe Benedictine, which is two measures of Benedictine and four measures of coffee, topped off with some whipped cream, or some thick pouring cream, if you'd rather.

Or you can try your hand at the Old Fashioned Benedictine. Take two drops of Angostura Bitters, two measures of Benedictine and two bar spoons of sugar.

You add the sugar the bitters and half a shot of Benedictine into a glass. Stir for one minute until the sugar is dissolved.

Add an ice cube, stir for one minute.

Add a shot of Benedictine and two more ice cubes. Stir for two minutes.

Then add another half shot of Benedictine with two more ice cubes. Stir for two minutes, then serve with extra ice if required. You can garnish with a twist of orange peel.

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