Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fantastic family fun with Imagination Games

The whole family, from the littlest to the biggest will be in for some fantastic Chirstmas fun with some really neat games from Imagination!

There's Burping Bert.
Hear Burt burb, parp, sneeze, snore and belch his way through the game!

What do players have to do? Press his belly button to hear a truly gross sound. Then get rid of one of the cards in your pile by being able to match it to the sound that Burt has just emitted.

But be careful! Because if Burt snores, then that's your turn to pick up another card!

The first player who gets rid of all of their cards is the winner!

The second game from Imagination that Burt is looking at is The Hungry Frogs, a 'magic sound' board game. 

It's aimed at children who are 4 and older, and can be played by two children or more at a time.

They'll take turns to spin the special spinner, and hop around the board.

If they land on a lilly pad, they will turn over a token. If there is a fly on the token, you keep it. The first player who earns three tokens is the winner.

But just to add to the fun, any player who is sitting on a log when the magic sound button is pressed must return to their home space!

Spot to the Rescue is the third game we are looking at. Which is also from age four and with two players or more.

Oh, no! There's a poor kitten, stuck up a tree! But don't worry! Spot the Dalmatian puppy will rush to his rescue, with a little help from the human players!

Players must spin the special device. This tells you how many moves you can make or of you have to press make a sound.

Players progress round the board and the first person to find three kitten tokens is the winner of the game!

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