Sunday, 14 October 2012

Christmas in a Box with Chesil Smokery!

Whether it's for Uncle George, Cousin Tim or for your foodie friend Emma who has everything (of course!) a fishy, meaty or mixed box from the award-winning Chesil Smokery in Dorset makes the perfect gift this Christmas - so why not give them something they will actually be thrilled to receive this year that won't be put straight in the present re-cycling drawer?

Choose from cold-smoked salmon and trout and hot-smoked mackerel, gravadlax and kippers in the fishy box; a selection of hot and cold smoked venison, duck and chicken breast in the meaty box; and a collection of smoky poultry, meat and fish in the mixed box. Each beautifully packaged box costs from £25, and includes a personalised note; boxes can be ordered from (18 December is the last day for Christmas delivery).
  • The Taster Box from £25
  • The Old English Box from £40
  • The Sharing Box from £50
  • The Shindig Box from £75
The full range of delicious smoked fish, meat and poultry from the Chesil Smokery is available from

Chesil Smokery in Bridport, Dorset, is the brainchild of managing director Mark Firth, who has been hooked on fishing ever since leaving school at the age of 18 to become a gilly on the Spey, and has travelled the world in his pursuit of all things piscatorial. Now he has channelled that passion into restoring an old smokery at Bridport and helping it to rise, quite literally, from the ashes.

Using English oak and apple wood in its kilns to produce a beautifully sweet and delicate aroma, Chesil Smokery sources only the finest produce - the fittest, leanest salmon (never fatty or oily) from the icy waters of the Shetlands; fresh fish from Samways, the famous fish merchants of Bridport, and the tastiest and freshest free-range chicken and poultry from Creedy Carver of Crediton, Devon. What's more, all the wonderful fish, meat and poultry have lived the right kind of life (as far as humanely and practically possible). 

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