Saturday, 1 September 2012

Rocking around the Christmas tree

Stunning new Rockers from Little Bird Told Me

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for baby and the type that can be passed down through generations, look no further than the stunning collection of infant rockers and rocking horses from Little Bird Told Me.

This Christmas sees the addition of two brand new rockers to the Little Bird Told Me stable and parents won’t be disappointed. The gorgeous Ruby & Belle Rocking Horse is the perfect playmate for little girls. Ruby is a beauty of a horse and features stunning vintage printed fabric in vibrant pinks and a scrunchy faux suede mane and tail. Ruby carries her pretty little friend Belle wherever she goes in an appliquéd pocket on her body. Belle is an adorable rag doll that can be played with separately too. RRP £125.00 and suitable from 12 months.

The Baby Bear Infant Rocker is part of the new Hey Bear, it’s me Bear range and is an ideal first rocker for babies aged 9 months plus. This huggable rocker carries his friend Birdy Bear in his pocket who has lots of stimulating features to delight baby. The sturdy quality wood rocking frame make this a safe and comfortable rocker for novice riders. RRP £88.00.

Little Bird Told Me have designed rockers with both babies and parents in mind. Their newest rockers will transform any nursery into a stylish haven and become the envy of every nursery around. The ultra-modern Dylan & Boo Rocking Horse is set to become a style icon. Dylan is a charming horse who carries his lovable little friend Boo Bear wherever he goes. Dylan's distinctive grey fabric has been designed exclusively for Little Bird Told Me by designer Rosalind Maroney. The cute button print is complemented by a soft, tactile fine wale cord mane and tail - a real show-stopper of a horse, Dylan will be the envy of every nursery. Suitable from 12months plus, Dylan & Boo retails at £125.00.

For parents who prefer to make a splash with colour, the new Doodle & Crumb Infant Rocker is for you and your baby. Suitable for babies aged 9months plus, Doodle is a fun and friendly horse who carries his little friend Crumb the bean horse wherever he goes. His vibrant red button print fabric is also designed by Maroney and is complemented by a faux suede mane and tail. The sturdy dark wood frame comes with detachable foot rests for novice riders. Doodle & Crumb is a totally unique rocker whose contemporary style will stay fresh for years to come. Priced at around £85.00.

Create real nursery envy with the super-stylish Jasper Rocking Horse. The irresistible Jasper is the ultimate gift for older babies this Christmas. Jasper features a classic woven check fabric in shades of chocolate and has a stylised leatherette saddle with stirrups to support little ones. His soft and scrunchy mane and tail are made from strokeable faux suede and he stands proudly on a sturdy wooden bow rocking base. There really is no other rocking horse like Jasper available on the market.

Priced at around £200 he will become the talking point of any nursery and be adored by adults for his charm and sophistication as much as little ones will love him for his play value. Jasper stands at around 55cm and is suitable for infants aged 18months plus.

Cuddly and lovable Bobble & Pip is an Infant Rocker that babies will fall in love with. Bobble's luxurious bouclé fabric body just wants to be stroked and the cute Pip Bean Horse is soft and huggable. Tuck Pip into the pocket on Bobble's side and off you rock! Suitable from 9 months plus and priced at £85.00.

For those who are looking for a fun and funky addition to a child's nursery this festive season, look no further than the Softly Snail Infant Rocker. Suitable for 9 months plus, Softly Snail comes in pretty pink plush fabrics and carries her cosy little house on her back. Her soft house creates a snug, supportive seat and offers a fun storage space to put toys. The rocker also features lots of additions to keep baby amused including hidden squeaks, chimes and crinkles and comes with a separate rattle toy for little hands. Priced at around £85.00.

If you love cute characters then the Caterpillar Infant Rocker is for you. Suitable for 9 months plus, Curious Caterpillar comes in fresh plush fabrics of green, blue and red and has lots for a baby to discover. A soft apple creates a comfortable seat and comes with a lift-up flap which reveals a handy storage section for toys. A separate chime toy peeps out of the apple for little hands to explore. The rocker also features lots of additions to keep baby engaged including hidden squeaks, chimes and crinkles. Priced at around £85.00.

To see these and the whole collection of Infant Rockers and Rocking Horses, visit the Little Bird Told Me website Selected rockers are also available from John Lewis, Harrods and Jojo Maman Bebe and selected independent retailers. Last date for website deliveries is 18 December.

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