Saturday, 1 September 2012

How well do you know your monarchs?

History Heroes is a brilliant new card game designed to test the whole family’s knowledge of British monarchs from William the Conqueror in 1066 to today’s reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

Created by Harry Hastings, a teacher from Sussex, the game provides a fun, interactive way for children to learn about the kings and queens of England, and for adults to brush up on their history lessons, by challenging them to identify monarchs either from a series of facts, from a portrait or from the dates of their reign, thereby capturing their opponents cards in the style of Top Trumps.
    Do you know which king was the last to lead his troops into battle or who was on the throne when the Great Plague struck?
    Did you know that Henry I had a record-breaking 25 illegitimate children or that Queen Victoria survived five assassination attempts?

    And would you be able to name the tallest monarch or identify the king famed for his red face and red hair?
With a total of 42 monarchs to identify, each with six different clues, ranging from easy – ‘Who won the Battle of Hastings?’ - to difficult – ‘Who lost the War of Jenkins’ Ear?’ – the game can be enjoyed by all ages and, with six different ways to play it, can provide hours of fun at home, on long car journeys or simply as a way of helping children with their history homework.

Beautifully illustrated by the well-known cartoonist Bill Stott, History Heroes is the first of a series of similar games created by Harry Hastings, covering famous Battles, Shakespeare, Inventors, Scientists and Explorers.

Harry Hastings History Heroes is priced at £7.99. For stockist details, or to buy direct go to

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  1. Hi Martin, History Heroes has now revamped its look and website ( ) and launched four new History Heroes games: World War I Heroes; Explorers; Scientists and Sports Heroes. We'd be delighted if you'd like to review the new History Heroes look and games. Let us know if you'd like any more information (; tel: 01962 710847)