Saturday, 1 September 2012

Creative Christmas Treats from Yummy Dough

Forget buying the kids traditional modelling dough this Christmas, Yummy Dough from Maps Toys is so much more fun and what’s more children get to eat it without getting into trouble off Mum.

The mouldable dough allows young children to get creative all Christmas making festive shapes or whatever their imagination allows. Simply add water to the powder mix and get a pliable Yummy Dough mixture. Work the dough into different shapes - then comes the exciting part....bake it and eat it! Yes really! Children will love seeing their handiwork made into edible creations that they can share. Why not get them to make festive themed treats for all the family.

Yummy Dough is the safest modelling dough around and retails at around £7.99. It develops skills in young children including hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills, colour recognition and of course it teaches them about food preparation. It now comes in a handy, resealable tub with carry handle to store all your cutting tools.

The product comes with four different colours (red, blue, green and yellow) which can be mixed together at the powder stage or when the dough is moulded to create different colours to create with. The product can be eaten raw or baked. Yummy Dough is made in Germany by one of the country’s leading baking manufacturers. Made using high quality food products, it is made under strict European safety guidelines.

Yummy Dough is available from Amazon, Firebox and other toy retailers.

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