Saturday, 1 September 2012

Blast off for space this Christmas with MAPS Toys!

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. the brand new Aeromax NASA Space range is the perfect Christmas gift for budding astronauts.

Boys (and girls!) will go wild for the brand new Deluxe NASA Spaceman costume (RRP £35.99). Made from high-quality material (moon dust proof!), the bright orange, zip-fronted suit features authentic NASA badges and is guaranteed to create costume envy. There is also a white spacesuit available for the ultimate astronautical adventure.

Top this off with the cool Talking NASA Space Helmet and you’re all set for blast off. The Talking Space Helmet is priced at around £35.99 and looks just like the real thing. It features a mission control countdown and life-like blast off sounds. A spring loaded retractable visor allows kids to really get into character too.

Complete the costume with cool NASA branded boots (RRP £18.99) – for your first steps on the moon as well as must-have astronaut gloves (RRP £13.99) perfect for picking up space specimens! Once your kitted out on Christmas Day, load up the Astronaut Space Backpack Water Blaster (RRP £14.99) and get squirting those Aliens…or your annoying brother!

In addition to the NASA range, there’s also a Deluxe Firefighter costume available. The Firefighter costume (RRP £37.99) is complemented by the The Firepower Super Soaking Fire Hose (RRP £12.99) which will provide hours of fun for boys and girls of all ages. Fill the backpack with water and use the pump action hose to squirt your friends - and pretend to put out fires!

There’s also a collection of costumes perfect for every day dress up play including a doctor, firefighter and road worker to name but a few.

Kids of all ages will love to impress their friends with the Aeromax 2000 Parachute. Throw the parachute high in the air and watch it sail to the ground. Unlike other toy parachutes, the Aeromax 2000 Parachute is tangleproof and is made of tough material so won’t be used once and then discarded. Dads will love this – ask them, we bet you they remember throwing them out of their bedroom window! The perfect stocking filler priced at around £4.99.

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