Sunday, 26 August 2012

Red, white or rosé? Give the gift of home-made wine this Christmas

If your friends and family enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine, why not treat them to the new ibrew Wine Starter Kit? The ibrew Wine Starter Kit is a complete micro winery perfect for people who love wine and love having fun.

The ibrew micro winery is completely reusable and can be used time and time again to make 30 bottles of quality wine. Making your own wine is fun and the ibrew system makes it so simple. It takes just 21 days to make your own wine. Imagine the enjoyment of serving your very own wine, hand-made by you!

Whatever your taste in wine there’s a variety to suit you. If you enjoy a rich, full bodied red, try the Cabernet Sauvignon variety or for soft, ruby red the Merlot is ideal. There are also two choices of white, including a light, delicate and floral Pinot Grigio and a golden, fresh, zingy Soave. For lovers of rosé there is a medium bodied Shiraz Blush with floral overtones.

The equipment is reusable and has been built to last. After you have made your wine, simply clean and rinse the equipment and you are ready for your next brew.

The complete ibrew micro winery is available from and and each kit costs from £70.00 per variety for two batches of 15 bottles. Refill kits cost from £24.99 to make a further 15 bottles of wine – less than £1.70 per bottle!

So, if you know someone who loves a tipple, the complete ibrew micro winery makes the perfect Christmas gift.

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