Sunday, 26 August 2012

NOTANOTHERBILL is the great new gift that keeps on giving!

In this modern day and age no one receives anything good in the post, just bills and the odd pizza menu...
NOTANOTHERBILL is here to revitalise your letterbox. It’s a new subscription service where you receive a beautifully wrapped and carefully curated surprise present in the post every month - something that is not another bill.

Presents are sourced from far and wide with the aim of introducing subscribers to great artists, designers and brands.

Presents to date have ranged from limited edition art prints, collaborations with up and coming designers, exclusive leather products, jewellery, and even a ‘Take over the world kit’.

Each beautifully packaged surprise comes with a personalised letter explaining more about the present, where it was sourced and why NOTANOTHERBILL think you’ll like it.

It costs £15 per month and you can subscribe for yourself (or as a gift) from 1 month to a whole year – to find out more visit “BILLS ARE BORING, GET COOL SURPRISE PRESENTS INSTEAD”

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