Monday, 6 February 2012

How well do you know your Mum? Find out this Mothering Sunday

Fink Cards Mums editionMums know best. Or so the saying goes. But how well do children really know their Mum? Or how well do Mums know their children?

Fink Conversation Cards is launching its Mums edition in time for Mothering Sunday (aka Mother's Day) to help bring people closer to their Mum as well as providing an unusual solution to the annual gift decision.

The Mums edition is a small pack of cards containing questions that will get Mums and their children really talking to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The pack includes questions to ask Mum and questions that Mums can ask their child to promote two-way stimulating conversation.

‘What are your hopes and dreams for me?’, ‘What events have shaped your life?’ and ‘What sort of mother did you think you would be?’ are just some of the questions for Mums and have been carefully constructed with input from family expert Sarah Newton.

Sarah is a renowned author and presenter of several TV documentaries exploring relationships between parent and child, she said: “Research has shown talking to Mum is a good as a hug and that it’s one of the best ways of relieving stress.

“In-depth, effective conversations help strengthen relationships and develop bonds and the Mums edition from Fink has been designed to encourage helpful and meaningful conversation.

“And the cards are great even if Mums already have a good relationship with their children as it gives each of them a chance to ask some unusual questions that might tell them something they never knew about one another."

The business brain behind Fink is Lisa Warner, winner of the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the O2 X Awards and more recently winner of the Village Capital 2011 scheme which saw Lisa win an investment of £50,000.

Lisa said: “The driving force behind Fink is and always has been to enable better conversations across generations.

“Our Family and Teen editions have been really successful and l wanted to launch an edition specifically for Mums and their children.

“The relationship between a Mum and her child is unique but some are better than others.

“My hope for the Mums edition is that it helps strengthen relationships between Mums and their children and uncovers something they never knew which may change the way they perceive each other.”

The Mums edition from Fink is available nationwide via Amazon, or by calling 0845 051 4665.

The Mums edition is priced at an affordable £5.99 making it an ideal gift for Mothering Sunday and one that will last longer than the usual flowers or chocolates.

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