Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year's Resolution? Get it 50% cheaper! With Fruit For the Office!

Fruit For The Office LogoFruit For The Office are offering all new customers the chance to get 50% off their first fruit delivery until the end of January. All you need to do is sign up or call 0800 019 4037 and quote the code NEWYEAR when placing their first order.
With the New Year well under way, thousands of people across the UK are attempting to kick start a healthy eating plan for 2012. But as the nation heads back to work this week, trying to stay away from sugary, fatty snacks could get really difficult.

Fruit For The Office are on hand to help office workers to make a few small changes for 2012.

“It can be hard to start the New Year with a total overhaul of all bad habits. From past experience, we think it’s better to take your time, and make small changes that you’ll be able to maintain all year long" points out the firm's director Daniel Ox.

“That’s why we’re keeping our NEWYEAR discount code open for the whole month. Whenever office workers are ready to embark on a healthy eating plan in January, we’ll be here to help them on their way.” Continues Daniel.

Having a regular fruit delivery to the office can help you to achieve a number of popular New Year's resolutions this year:

BETTER HEALTH – A fruit filled diet will give the body more vitamins and nutrients, therefore improving over all health.

WEIGHT LOSS – Replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit will cut down on calories consumed which will aid healthy weight loss.

PROMOTION – A better diet will help to boost energy levels and motivation which is great for employers who want a more productive work force. It’s also brilliant for employees with their eye on a promotion for 2012!

With 50% off all first orders available, it is worth seeing what benefits more fruit could have for you and your office in the New Year.

(NOTE: To check on terms and conditions, please check with Fruit For the Office.)

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