Monday, 3 October 2011

Sirana Gligora Paški Sir Cheese is an exceptionally fine tasting hard cheese from Croatia

It is a sheep's milk cheese and it is a very hard cheese with an absolutely genuinely mouthwatering flavour that could make a Christmas Angel weep for joy!

It is like the cheeses one recalls from a halcyon childhood of long ago, when cheeses had real, distinct flavours and you knew that the milk came from herds that were contented and well-looked after, and you also knew that the cheese was made by people who were proud of their heritage as artisan cheese makers and very careful about their craft produced specialist cheeses, who wanted their cheese to be enjoyed by true lovers of good cheeses.

For those of us who believed, as I have to admit that I did, that such things as cheeses with real tastes could only be found in memories of how we used to live long ago, Paški Sir Cheese has made me realise such real cheeses are still being made today.
It has been famous for many, many years in Croatia and to a handful of real cheese connoisseurs throughout the rest of Europe. Sirana Gligora Paški Sir Cheese is beginning to receive the International recognition that it truly and richly deserves!

As spokesman Simon Kerr said: "Indeed there was an awful lot of excitement during the final as we more than exceeded our expectations with our success!"
(Pictured is Ivan Gligora)

It is a must for any discerning cheeseboard.

You can buy Sirana Gligora Paški Sir Cheese at the following establishments

The Cheese Hamlet, Manchester

Yellow Wedge Cheese, Twickenham

The Cheese Society, Lincoln

The International Cheese Centre, London

Sawers Deli, Belfast

The Lairds Larder, Carlisle

For more information you can visit the following sites:-

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