Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sand play this Christmas!

If you are looking for a toy that will keep the kids entertained as happy well beyond Christmas, then you should buy them the genuinely unique My Little Sandbox range from Map Toys.

The unique playsets will provide young children with hours of fun, when they can use the power of their own imaginations to create their own fun. And they'll keep them busy when the weather means outside play is not possible.

Each playset is themed around different play scenarios which include Pirates, Mermaids, Holidays and Construction.

The sets are well made and each one comes in its own sturdy hardwood box that is filled with ultra fine play sand which is easy to vacuum. Miniature toys and accessories come with each playset so the children will be sure to have lots of fun in the sand. The construction  set features mini diggers, boulders bricks and building workers ans is perfect for those children who fancy themselves as builders.

The Mermaid Sandbox features a beautiful mermaid figure along with some coral and underwater plants and seashells. And the sunshine theme continues with the Beach Sandbox. Children will adore the holidaymaker, the parasol, the deckchair, the towel and the bucket and spade. Little boys will have endless fun with the Pirate playset which includes a cool pirate ship, a crocodile some palm trees and the vitally important treasure chest! (EDITOR: Some little girls will be keen to get their hands on the Pirate playset, too...)

Each My Little Sandbox playset comes complete with its very own grooming rake and digging shovel so the children (and adults!) can create different scenes. Each playset also comes with a special playmat which is designed to catch any sand. And I am reliably informed that adults can use the playset -when the kids are in bed!- as a fantastic Japanese sand garden stress toy, with the sand rake!
Each My Little Sandbox playset should cost something in the region of £24.99, it is available from Amazon. For details of stockists visit

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