Monday, 10 October 2011

Percol the Christmas coffee!

Why is Black and  Beyond so highly spoken of? Because it is a new product from Percol. A new product that will rock the Christmas table!

It has an intensity of flavour that is unrivalled and it combines this with a rich and somewhat nutty flavour, with perhaps hints of chocolate, making this an ideal coffee to create the ideal espresso coffee.

Brian Chapman is the master blender and the genius who expertly created and crafted this coffee. Probably one of his finest achievements to date. He said: I have been searching out the finest quality beans and perfecting the roast for the ultimate espresso for nearly twenty years. It is my passion. Finally I have found the perfect beans and the perfect roast to make an espresso which is simply just perfect for coffee lovers."

Ideal for sipping with family and friends throughout the Christmas and New Year periods, and well beyond that, of course!

(EDITOR: Why keep Percol just for Christmas? I love it all year round!)

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