Saturday, 29 October 2011

A message from Father Christmas direct to your child!

You will have seen letters from Father Christmas to children, before. Some are better than others. But the best by far is the letter produced by Itsyourstory, because it will help you make the run up to Christmas an even more magical experience for you and your children, with the unique photo-personalised Christmas letter. You will never have seen anything like it before!

The Father Christmas photo-personalised letter features your child in the illustrations dressed dressed as Santa's elf! You will be able to share in their glee and excitement as they see their own photograph on Santa's notepaper and the information about them cleverly and carefully woven into the letter.

Each letter is specially personalised when you order it to feature your child's address, the names of two of thier best friends, their age and a unique PS at the bottom of the letter. This will generate even more special Christmas magic as it is written by the sender and will relate to something personal in the lives of the child, something that is important to them and that they will relate to. The letter will also reveal who asked Santa to write to them!

The cost of the letter is a very modest £4.50, but do not let the modest price put you off, it's a very well produced product which your child will treasure. There's a choice of letter styles and the letter will arrive in a special Christmas envelope with a highly apropriate North Pole stamp!

Last delivery date before Christmas is 19th December. To order just visit

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