Monday, 29 August 2011

Nudo Olive Oil with much more

Everyone knows that olive oil is good for you. And everyone knows that for you to get the best in quality, you really do need the first cold pressed extra virgin olive oils.

This is the oil one can expect from Nudo Olive Oils. But there is much, much more from Nudo Olive oils than that!

Nudo is a farming co-operative -launched and operated by a British husband and wife team, Cathy Rogers and Jason Gibb.

Nudo uses only the finest quality olive oils using genuine small scale artisan farming techniques in the Marche and Abruzzo provinces of Italy.

The flavourings in the carefully flavoured range of Nudo Olive Oils are all carefully selected and often employing fresh, locally-grown herbs.

Indeed, foodies will not be surprised to discover that when they make Lemon olive oil fresh lemons from Sicily are placed with Leccino olives which are then ground using a gigantic millstone in the traditional, time honoured method.

These flavoured olive oils can be used for roasting, for drizzling, baking or cooking or for making into a simple, yet fantastic dip with some crusty Italian breads!

But Nudo offer lovers of good food still more. You can join in and help protect this ages old way of life by adopting an olive tree. For the sum of £65, you will receive a special adoption certificate and in the spring, you will receive the golden oils produced by your very own olive tree! To learn more about this fascinating programme visit

The above idea would make a first rate Christmas present for the foodie in your life!

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