Sunday, 28 August 2011

Handmade Chocolates from Choconchoc for Christmas

There's one sure fire way to the heart of a chocolate lover at Christmas (or any other time of the year, to be fair!) is to give them chocolates.

But not any old chocolates! Oh, no. For if you seek out the best in chocolate sensation, taste and look, you can be certain of one thing, that the recipient of your gift will love you (and the memory of their very special chocolate present) for ever!

One such crafter of highly delectable chocolate comestibles is Choconchoc.

From their special confectioners establishment nestled deep within the heart of rural Somerset, they design and produce some of the most exquisite chocolate treats known to man or woman.

Flo and Kerr. The chief chocolate makers choose only the finest of ingredients, such as the best quality Belgian chocolate, top quality milk and so on to ensure that whoever opens their box of Choconchoc chocolates will receive a treat not only for the mouth but also for the eyes.

Because not only are they highly desirable chocolates, they are also works of art in miniature. So much so that it is something of a struggle to begin eating them!

But don't just take our word for it! Visit to see precisely what we mean! Or give them a call on 01373 830013.

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