Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Lambrini Truly Peach Flavour

We chilled the bottle and we poured two glasses of Lambrini Truly Peach wine and we we both quickly whisked away from the cold British Autumn evening to a Mediterranean peach grove as we slowly sipped and savoured our glasses of wine.

Now, my wife and I are quite partial to a glass of Lambrini, but this peach Lambrini does, to use an old expression, take drinking Lambrini to a whole new level.

What's it good for? It's basically very good for just about anything, really!

It's a fantastic drink in front of a blazing fire on Christmas Eve, with or without some mince pies, it goes very well with cheese and pickled onions and the like, and it will serve as a low alcohol but interesting accompaniment for your actual Christmas Day feast.

And it will go nicely with your Boxing Day cold turkey sandwiches, too.

In short, this is an especially drinkable wine and will also be enjoyed by people who protest: "Oh, I don't like wine, me! I'm not much of a one for wine!" (EDITOR: Which, if I am honest, probably includes me in that number.)

To learn more you can visit  http://www.lambrini.co.uk/the-range/truly-peach/

It will be available form Tesco and The Drinks Supermarket at about £3.00 a 75cl bottle. But do take our advice, don't buy just one bottle as it won't be nearly enough!


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