Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Space toys for your boys and girls, too

Let's face it, Space Toys ae always popular! And this Christmas Santa's Sleigh with be weighed down with enough space toys to make even a NASA Astronaut a bit green with envy!

The Deluxe NASA Spaceman costume (RRP £39.99) is made from high-quality, tough material and will probably last to infinity and beyond!

The hard-wearing, bright orange, zip-fronted suit features authentic NASA badges and is guaranteed to create Christmas costume jealousy. There is also a white spacesuit available for the ultimate astronautical adventures.

The quality costumes are more durable than most dress-up outfits costumes and will last for years to come and can even be handed down to younger siblings.

The costume comes with a cool Astronaut cap but every astronaut requires a space helmet. Wear your astronaut costume with the cool Talking NASA Space Helmet and you're all set for your next space mission. The Talking Space Helmet is priced at around £35.99 and looks just like the real thing.

It features a mission control countdown and life-like blast off sounds, too!

A spring-loaded retractable visor lets them really get into character, too.

Complete the costume with cool NASA branded boots (RRP £19.99) - for your first steps on the moon as well as must-have astronaut gloves (RRP £12.99) perfect for picking up space specimens!

 Every astronaut also needs a rocket and the inflatable NASA Spaceship Ride-On to complete their mission (RRP £29.99). Once you're kitted out, load up the Astronaut Space Backpack Water Blaster (RRP £12.99) and get squirting those Aliens...or your annoying siblings!

And if Dad (or mum!)  hasn't quite grown out of his dreams to be an astronaut, there are adult costumes available too!

Get the full Aeromax range from Amazon. The NASA Space range is available from www.spacekids.co.uk

(EDITOR: Adult costumes are available? I really must check out that web address!)

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