Saturday, 1 September 2012

Marshmallow Christmas Madness from Maps Toys

Having a play battle with your mates, forget last year’s crazes the only toy shooters you’ll need in 2012 are the Marshmallow Blasters from Maps Toys – the sweetest shooters around!

The unique Bow & Mallow is part of the Marshmallow Fun Company range and fires real marshmallows at your target showering them with edible bullets. Just load up your bow with mini marshmallows, draw back the arrow, aim and fire up to 30 feet. The Bow & Mallow is suitable for ages 3+ shoots out tasty treats in quick succession beating your opponent into a sugary submission! RRP £22.99.

The Bow & Mallow can be loaded with any brand of fresh mini marshmallows which are available online and at speciality food retailers. The shooters compress different shapes of marshmallow as they enter the nozzle and they spring back into place once fired.

If you want a blaster with real attitude the Classic Blaster is the ultimate way to get sweet revenge on your foes. Firing large marshmallows up to 40 feet, the audible POP as the soft sweets fly from the barrel is awesome. The blaster is perfect for older and children (aged 14+) and of course the big kids in every family. RRP £21.99.

Completing the trio of tasty toy weapons is a Classic Crossbow. This cool piece of kit (suitable for ages 5+) is sure to be the ‘sugar’ hit of Christmas! RRP £19.99.

The full Marshmallow Fun Company range is available from Amazon.

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