Saturday, 17 December 2016


Crabbies drinks are perfect for the Christmas period.

Just picture the scene, the gloaming is settling in, the birds are making their last forages before they retire to their nests in your garden's hedges for the night, the standard lamp in the corner of your living room is casting a soft glow, the lights are twinkling on the Christmas tree, the fire is crackling with some coal and a couple of nice logs, the Bose stereo is playing some nice Christmas carols and you are eating some freshly baked minced pies whilst you are contentedly sipping a glass of Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer.

Life, you realise, couldn't be any better.

Well, perhaps it could! How so?

Crabbies want you to try something a little different this year. The very clever people in their drink's kitchen have been working very hard on creating some new flavours that are equally as good as their original product, but which taste different.

There is now Crabbies Scottish Raspberry Flavour and Crabbies Light, too!

You can buy these new flavours, as well as the wonderful original flavour, from most off licences, supermarkets and some convenience stores, too.

And you'll find them in all Wetherspoon pubs and other discerning pubs and bars.

To find out your nearest stockist (retailers or licenced premises) please visit

And do have yourself a Crabbies' Chirstmas! I know we will!

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