Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Braun MultiGroomer The ideal Christmas present

The Braun MultiGroomer is truly the ideal Christmas present for Christmas 2016.

What does it do? What doesn't it do? It does everything you could possibly want it to do.

You can use it to shave, you can use it to style and you can use it to trim, too.

It really is a three in one tool, but it does all of those jobs equally well. It's as good as a device dedicated to each of those tasks, or, in some particular cases, even better.

It comes with three purpose designed and expertly crafted trimming attachments.

And gone are the days of having to wait overnight before you can use your trimming device! One hour of charging its powerful Ni-MH batteries will give you guaranteed 100% constant power for 30 minutes of shaving, styling or trimming. Or you can even give it a 5 minutes quick charge.

And it's good to go with you on your travels as it has fully automatic voltage detection software that allows it to be charged anywhere in the world. It even comes with a funky little charging stand.

And it's light enough to travel with you on your next trip abroad.

There's a nifty extra wide shaving head with a flexible SmartFoil which gives you a smooth, clean shave with the minimum amount of strokes.

There's a superb Adustable Click&Lock comb which comes with four length settings (covering 1.2mm to 6mm) and you can Trim & Style with the special twistable trimmer.

You can use it dry or wet, so you can even take it into the shower with you!

It costs £69.99 and you can buy it this link at a substantial discount

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