Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pralines? Guylian Perlines Artisnal Beligian Pralines, please!

Christmas comes but once a year, and to make sure that the special person in your life knows how really, genuinely special they are in your life, buy them a box of unexpectedly splendid delights, a box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate Perlines, Praline Chocolates.

There's a box of 16 of the most delightful Belgian Chocolates ever created and they are waiting for you to go and buy them for your lover, your mother, your spouse or just a special friend.

Perhaps they are feeling a little low? Well, send them a prescription from Dr Guylian and they'll soon be perking up for Christmas!

Exactly who or what is Guylian? One of the best chocolatiers in the whole world (obviously, it helps, greatly, that they are from Belgium which is acknowledged to be the world leader in chocolate production, with only the Swiss anywhere near in comparison) who have been creating fine, quality luxury chocolates since 1958.

These are 16 Belgian chocolates each with a delicious Praline Truffle filling. All just waiting to be part of a very special present for a very special person.

You can buy them online at along with a very wide range of other tempting chocolate delights.

And for people who can't tolerate sugars in their diet, Guylian has thought of you, with some sugar free chocolates.

(PICTURED: Someone is guarding his mum's Guylians!)

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