Wednesday, 10 December 2014

POM Wonderful is wonderful for Christmas, too

There's sometimes a temptation to forget the important things in life over the mad and exciting rush of the Christmas and New Year period.

Whilst we make sure there's plenty of beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks available for your guests it's vital not to forget about you and your needs during this fraught, yet fun, period of the year.

One thin that you must not forget is stuff that does you good yet also tastes good, too. In fact why not source some for you and your guests?

You need a super fruit super drink that not only has the potential to do you good, yet also tastes good too.

What are we talking about? POM Wonderful.

POM Wonderful is made from 100% California pomegranates, which are grown in  the orchards owned by Wonderful, so they know exactly where the fruits came from.

You should refrigerate POM Wonderful, before shaking it and sharing it amongst your guests who want something uniquely tasty. 

You and your guests will find it just as drinkable as our taste team did!

There's an advisory notification on the bottle warning you to drink it within five days of opening, well, good luck with that, because if it last longer than five seconds before the bottle is empty, you'll be lucky!

It comes in three varieties, Pomegranate, Blueberry or Cranberry flavours, all equally delicious.  

It also makes some super cocktails, too! All of which you can find, here:

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