Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Every cocktail mixer reaches for the Opies at Christmas

It's a tradition. Everyone wants some special drinks at Christmas, some lovely, festive cocktails. Even
real ale drinkers like their special Christmas beers!

But every barkeeper and restaurateur will tell you that the best way to keep your guests at home or your customers in your hotel, your pub, your restaurant, your bar or cocktail lounge happy is to use Opies.

Because this is it! This is the most wonderful and magical time of the year.

The fires are roaring, the Christmas lights are twinkling and you can sit back and enjoy a tipple or two.

Entertaining this year? Or just wanting to enjoy a Christmas drink once the kids are in bed? Then you should look no further as we have a selection of fabulous Christmas cocktails all made with the even more fabulous classic cocktail essentials brand Opies.

Most of us know how to put together a classic snowball or how to make a martini, but to get into the real festive spirit; Opies have created a range of truly Christmassy cocktails, so even if outside it’s raining and not looking like Christmas, inside it will scream of merriment.

Along with expert barman James Coston, who is well known for creating bespoke cocktails, Opies have taken the classics to give them a wonderful festive cheer. From a Mistletoe Kiss, to the Red Nose Rudolph, there is something for everyone enjoy.


Like a jager bomb but fill half a shot glass with Advocaat half with Brandy. Place the shot glass in a rock's glass full of lemonade. Add an Opie's cherry to the shot glass and drink it like you would a jager bomb.

Mistletoe Kiss
60ml Honey Vodka,
40ml Pineapple Juice
30ml Coco Lopez
20ml Maraschino Cherry Liquor from a jar of Opies cocktail cherries

Shake and serve straight up, garnish with Opies cocktail cherries and Opies cocktail gherkins on a cocktail stick.

Muddle 3 cubes of Opies Stem Ginger
40ml Golden Rum
20ml Red Wine
40ml Cranberry Juice

Shake and serve over ice in a rock's glass with a Opies Stem  Ginger and cocktail cherry garnish. Add a Gingerbread man on the side.

Red Nose Rudolph
Muddle 4 Opies Cocktail Cherries
50ml White Rum
20ml Lemon Juice
15ml Grenadine
40ml Cranberry Juice
20ml Soda

Shake and serve in a sling glass. Top with a little soda & an Opies lemon slice and Opies cocktail cherries.

Mexican Christmas
Muddle two cubes of Opies Stem Ginger
20ml Grenadine Syrup
50ml Tequila
10ml Red Wine
25ml Lime Juice

Shake all ingredients and serve straight up in a wine goblet with Opies Stem Ginger and sunken Pomegranate.

Knock Knock Egg Nog
240ml Brandy
2 pints of whole milk
30ml Double Cream
100ml Vanilla Syrup
15 Opies Cherries

Add all ingredient's to a pan, heat without boiling until slightly thick. Leave to sit for 20 minutes at room temperature then serve into small glass's. Dust with cinnamon or coco powder.

And remember, Opies has been a family-run business since 1880, so they know more than a thing or two about cocktails!

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