Sunday, 21 December 2014

Do something different with the leftovers, go Chancham this Christmas

Not heard of Chancham, before? Well, neither had we. But now we have heard of it, and tasted it, boy! Are we glad to have made its acquaintance!

Chancham pepper sauce is proudly, lovingly and carefully made in Britain. But it is made to a traditional Bajan recipe.  Bajan is otherwise known as Barbadian, and comes from the Caribbean Island of Barbados.

It is a tasty and welcome though quite warming addition to Christmas leftovers, so it will certainly add more than a little heat and heart to your turkey curry, turkey casserole, turkey Bolognese (never has turkey bolognese made with minced leftover turkey? Trust me, you haven't lived!)   and turkey soups in the post-Christmas period.

It makes an excellent accompaniment for sliced cooked meats, too, plus with cheese and biscuits,

The flavour is fresh and lively, the kick of the peppers is offset and balanced by the pleasant tang of the distilled malt vinegar, the mustard and the tumeric which gives it its attractive yellow colouring.

Buy a bottle and you'll soon be unable to remember how you coped without it in your kitchen.

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