Thursday, 4 December 2014

Boozyrum Truffles. Best buy two boxes at a time, really

When you decide to buy someone you love some Boozyrum Truffles you will be best advised to always double up on your order.

Why? Because when you smell the delicious aroma of the rich, chocolaty boozy, rum treats, you will just have to try one.

And even if you can show a little self-control and stick at only snaffling one of these delicious little treats for yourself, well, the problem is that they are always packed so firmly in the box (there were twelve, I counted them!) that there's no way that you can hide the fact that one is missing, no matter how hard you try to disguise what you did.

(EDITOR: And please stop looking at the box! There's twelve. And no, you can't have a little peak, just in case anything might have happened to them!)

Sorry, I got distracted there. Where was I? Oh, yes. They are remarkable rich and moresome, but even though they are deliciously creamy, they are absolutely fine for vegans to eat as the clever folks at Terre a Terre have used soya cream, not dairy cream! 

They cost £8.20 a box and are also available as a vegetarian, too. There are also some salt caramel truffles, also.

Terra a Terre is one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in Brighton. To learn more please visit them at

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