Monday, 17 November 2014

Celebrate Christmas in West Park hotel style

Harrogate's West Park hotel, restaurant and bar will be the place to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

This season residents and guests will be enjoying two very exciting Christmas cocktails, created specially for the West Park Hotel by Mark Young, the bar manager at West Park Hotel, Harrogate’s latest destination bar and luxury boutique hotel.

West Park Cinnamon Berry Fizz

Enjoy a little yuletide cheer with this delicious cinnamon berry fizz cocktail to help keep spirits high this festive season.

Ingredients for one cocktail:

15ml Chambord

15ml Crème de Peche

15ml Cinnamon Gomme

15ml Bronte Blackberry Sloe Liqueur

7.5ml Cranberry Juice

100ml Prosecco

Holly Leaf for garnish


Combine the first five ingredients in a mixing glass and shake with ice then strain into a chilled flute.

Add crushed ice and top up the flute with Prosecco.

Finish with a crushed ice crown and holly leaf for garnish.

West Park Smoky Gingerbread Manhattan

Create a talking point this Christmas by offering guests this wonderfully smoky festive drink, complimented perfectly with the traditional taste of Christmas gingerbread men.

Ingredients for one cocktail:

30ml Whisky

30ml Pain d’Epices Gingerbread Liqueur

15ml Vermouth

15ml Apple Juice

Gingerbread men to garnish


Place all ingredients into a mixing glass.

Shake with ice then stir until combined and strain into a carafe.

Add a 1 inch cube of food grade dry ice* to the carafe, leave to ‘smoke’ for one minute then strain into a chilled martini glass (with ice ball).

Serve with freshly baked gingerbread men

*NB Follow safety precautions when handling dry ice. Do not add directly to the drink and do not consume.


(That's Christmas would like to thank Mark Young, the West Park hotel and Eve Tindall for assisting us in the preparation of this article.)

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