Monday, 25 August 2014

Philips RQ1100 Series Sensotouch 2D dry/wet razor. The ideal Christmas gift for the shaver in your life

The Philips RQ1100 Series Sensotouch 2D dry/wet razor makes an excellent Christmas (or birthday) present for the shaver in your life.

One morning when we were on our way out my wife asked me why I had neglected to have a shave. I told her that I had shaved and she touched my stubbled face and said: "It's time you got a new razor!"

My razor was a Panasonic wet/dry razor which was about 18 months old and which could no longer cut the mustard, or my beard, sad to say.

So I bought a safety razor which, with the number of nicks and gouges on my face that I managed to inflict upon myself, plus the large amounts of random bits of toilet tissue I had to plaster my face with in a sometimes vein (sic) attempt to stem the sometimes copious flow of blood before I departed for the office, I realised that the term "safety" in this context was a somewhat relative term.

Eventually my wife's patience (which to be fair is never exactly plentiful!) ran out and she said: "That's enough! It's time we got you a new electric razor! I'm not having you leaving this house covered in blood and bits of toilet paper!"

And so we visited a large branch of boots and eventually selected a Philips RQ1100 series Sensortouch 2D razor kit which was available at a slightly discounted price.

After following the instructions for setting the razor up (initial charge, etc) I had my first shave with it.

The joy of having a shave that produced the smoothness of a safety razor shave without needing to reach for large amounts of toilet tissue cannot be underestimated.

Basic cleaning it is easy, the interchangeable head is easy to clean with some water and the provided brush.

It also comes complete with a special high tech jet clean module that is electrically powered and which uses a bottle of -provided- jet clean solution. (Which has a pleasant scent.)

Although the razor comes with a user manual with pictograms I was only fully able to understand how to use the jet stream cleaning module that comes with the razor by watching an instructional video that I was able to find on Youtube. There are also other videos that are useful as they provide some excellent hints and tips on cleaning and using the razor to its best advantage.

Although it can be used wet or dry (shaving in the shower is on suggestion) I have only ever used it "dry" so far.

The full list price is £160, but can be bought for a substantial discount on Amazon for about £124 and may still be available on sale terms in Chemists such as Boots. Those making their purchase in Boots will also receive points, if they have an Advantage card.

In closing, this razor makes an excellent Christmas or birthday present for someone who is important in your life.

And they'll probably get the best dry shave they've ever had!

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