Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beurer has perfect winter warmer gadgets for all the family

Beurer TL80 brightlight
Beurer TL80 brightlight
As the nights draw in, and we swap our glass of wine in the garden for a hot chocolate on the sofa, our thoughts turn to how to keep warm and get through the colder months when colds, aches and pains are more common. Beurer has a wide selection of gadgets to help the family with cold feet, aching backs, fevers and the symptoms of S.A.D.

They've even got gadgets to solve bedtime squabbles over the perfect temperature of your electric underblanket, and a cape that heats up to keep you warm while watching Downton Abbey!

Beurer Daylight Lamp TL80 – £109.99

The Beurer Daylight Lamp TL80 is an essential item for those that suffer from S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Light therapy is believed to be effective in over 85% of cases, so the Beurer Daylight Lamp TL80 is a great solution for those suffering with symptoms during the colder months. Turn it on with one click to enjoy the light therapy.

The Beurer Daylight Lamp TL80 is available from Current Body. Further information is available from the Beurer website.

Beurer HK65 Aromatic Heating Pad - £59.99
When you want to target one part of your body with heat, the Aromatic Heating Pad goes above and beyond the requirement. It comes with two different inserts, a relaxation insert (including aniseed, thyme and peppermint), and a cold-relief insert (including lavender, lemon balm and melissa), making it the perfect gadget for dealing with colds, aches and pains. Those with sensitive skin will be glad to hear that it has a removable aloe vera cover too.

The Beurer HK65 Aromatic Heating Pad is available from Amazon. Further information is available from the Beurer website.

Monogram by Beurer Heated Throw HD90 - £69.99
Electric blankets for your bed have been around for a long time, but did you know you can get a throw that’s electrically heated? Perfect for curling up under on the sofa during a chilly evening, the Monogram Throw is the perfect solution for those that want to stay warm.

The heated throw also gas a detachable cord/controller, so you can remain wrapped up if you want to get up to make a cuppa!

The Monogram Throw is available from Amazon, Win Health and CNM Online.

Beurer FB20 Massage Footspa with Pedicure - £39.99
When you’re rushing around on your feet all day, the opportunity to put your feet up is a real luxury. Make the most of this time by treating your feet to a footspa. The Beurer Massage Footspa with Pedicure has removable massage roller attachments, a gentle vibrating massage and a bubble spa footbath to soothe your feet and legs, and relax you after a hard day.

The Beurer FB20 Massage Footspa with Pedicure is available from Current Body. Further information is available from the Beurer website.

FW20 Footwarmer - £34.99
Want to warm up your feet at the end of a day running through the rain, cold or even the snow? Slip them into the Beurer Footwarmer, an electrically heated piece of footwear for keeping your toes cosy. The lining will slowly bring your feet back to life, with three temperature options. The lining is removable, so you can pop it in the wash when it needs a refresh.

The Footwarmer is available from Amazon. Further information is available from the Beurer website.

Beurer Heated Cape HD50 - £54.99
Following on in the theme of items to keep you cosy and warm, is the Beurer Heated Cape. Like the Monogram Throw, it’s a heated wrap you can wear. This time, you can detach the electric cord so you can wonder around after it’s heated. It’s a great gadget if you like to keep warm while keeping your arms free for reading your favourite winter blockbuster.

The Beurer Heated Cape is available from Current Body and Betterlife @ Lloyds. Further information is available from the Beurer website.

FT70 7 in 1 thermometer - £39.99
Taking a child’s temperature is tricky enough when they’re well, but when they’re ill it can be extremely difficult. The 7 in 1 thermometer gives you several different ways to take a temperature, including the ear and forehead, as well as discover the temperature of objects and liquids. It also has an optical high temperature alarm, time and date and 10 memory spaces, as well as a speaking function if you want a quick assessment.

The Beurer 7 in 1 thermometer is available from Amazon. Further information is available from the Beurer website.

MG290 Shiatsu seat cover - £269.99
When you’re in need of a massage, don’t put yourself on the waiting list at your local beauty salon. Enjoy a relaxing back massage from the comfort of your armchair! The soft velour Shiatsu seat cover can be placed over your chair, to turn it into your very own personal masseuse, and moulds to your body for the perfect customised fit. Then simply sit back, and enjoy the 5-in-1 massage types, so you can choose the method to suit you. The in-seat heating adds to the relaxing, muscle-soothing effect.

The MG290 is height adjustable and can be used on any seat with sufficient depth and a back rest by affixing the flexible holding straps to a chair for a secure and comfortable fit. When you’re done, you can easily hang it up in the wardrobe with the handy hanging hook provided. It’s the ultimate luxury gift for those that need a little pampering.

The Beurer Shiatsu Seat Cover is available from Amazon. Further information is available from the Beurer website.

Monogram Luxurious – From £89.99
The Monogram by Beurer Luxurious Comfort Heated Underblanket is the solution to all those squabbles over what heat to have the electric blanket on. The underblanket has four heat zones (two in the single versions), so you can choose what levels of heat are distributed in which areas of the blanket. Perfect if you prefer your feet to be hot, while your partner prefers to concentrate the heat on their upper half!

The Monogram Luxurious is available from CNM Online.

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