Sunday, 15 January 2012 launches a range of personalised Valentines cards has unveiled its new look website in time for the Valentines day madness. Hoping to capitalise on the British public’s ever-growing demand for Valentines cards, the personalised card website, which is owned by the greeting card chain Scribbler, has launched its own product range for the first time.

“Scribbler’s business model has traditionally been to source product from up and coming card designers, and this has been our cornerstone for the last 30 years.” explains Edward Armitage, Head of Ecommerce for Scribbler, “With the introduction of personalised cards, we’ve found a demand for photo-upload greeting cards that our existing designers cannot satisfy, so we’ve had to do it in-house”.

The new Valentines cards take advantage of the personalisation functionality on the new website, allowing customers to upload photos, change text on the front of the card, and type a personal message inside, but most importantly they are consistent with the cheeky humour and fun design for which Scribbler has always been popular.

Scribbler warns that their cards will not be to everyone’s taste. Lovers of hearts, flowers, and teddy bears should probably look elsewhere, hey reveal. But if you are looking for a Valentines card urging the recipient to “Sit on my Facebook” for example, then you’re in the right place.

For more information please visit or call 0845 262 6270

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