Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ungrateful this Christmas?

Men are the most ungrateful gender at Christmas, according to statistics released today by, the leading cash for CDs, DVDs and games website, who saw 1.45million entertainment gifts traded in the two weeks following Christmas last year from embarrassed sons, brothers and dads.

The research also shows age plays a factor in the rise of ungratefulness at Christmas across the country. Middle age is when unappreciative tendencies kick in, with over 850,000 entertainment gifts traded in post Christmas by those in their 30s. Plus, if you’ve ever wondered where the CD you bought your Gran has disappeared to, musicMagpie reports that over 400,000 items were traded in after 25 December by those aged over 50 with pensioners living in the South East the worst culprits.

Regional breakdown also shows that Londoners top the list as the most ungrateful, with the next four most ungrateful places being Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester and Leeds.

Eren Ozagir, Chief Marketing Officer of musicMagpie says: “People selling their items on Christmas Day and Boxing Day is our busiest time of the year, as people flock to sell their unwanted entertainment presents. Most people have experienced a time when they’ve opened an unwanted present, especially a CD or DVD that you’re just not into or already have. musicMagpie provides the solution without that awkward moment of asking your family member for the receipt.”

“We are expecting even more customers this year, as people not only trade in unwanted presents after Christmas, but also attempt to salvage some of their Christmas spending excesses in preparation for the tough January ahead.”

Just how ungrateful are we?

Males are more ungrateful than females, trading in 1.45million CDs, DVDs and games in the two weeks following Christmas 2010
30-39 is when our ruthless streak kicks in and we get rid of the most presents! Over 850,000 items traded came from this age group alone
People in London are far more likely to get rid of presents than any other region. Nearly 600,000 items came from the Big Smoke
Females over 50 in the South of England traded in over 400,000 items last Christmas. Maybe your Gran doesn’t like her gift after all!

musicMagpie customers can make anywhere from £10 to £1,000 just from selling unwanted entertainment items from around the home using the 100% free service (including postage). The website has also introduced a Smartphone app, enabling customers to scan in products to earn cash quicker than ever before.

musicMagpie has recently launched a new initiative which allows customers to choose to receive M&S vouchers instead of cash.

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