Sunday, 28 August 2011

How to impress the foodie in your life with Fussels!

You can impress the foodie in your life this Christmas with a little assistance from those clever people down at Fussels.

For they have used all of their expertise to get together and design the Fussels' Gift Box!

What is contained within the Fussels' Gift Box?

Everthing the foodie in your life could want or desire!

Fussels are, as you will be well aware, renowned for their expertise in growing, harvesting and storing rapeseed oil and producing some of the most mouthwatering products known to man!

The Fussel's Gift Box contains a bottle of freshly cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, a bottle of chilli rapeseed oil, a jar of classic and mint mayonnaise, a quince and cider vinegar dressing and an FGS beer and horseradish sauce.

And what is more, Fussels rapeseed oil has just won a two star Gold at the Great Taste Awards and Gold at the Taste of the West Awards, the Chilli Oil also won Gold at the Taste of the West Awards and the Beer & Horseradish Sauce won Silver!”

The oils are not only extremely tasty, they are also very healthy and both the jars of mayonnaise were put to very good use in the test kitchen to liven up some meals with more than a little Wow! Factor!

As for the horseradish sauce? It rendered some already perfect beef a sublime experience! As for the quince and cider vinegar dressing? Let's just say that no salad is dressed without it!

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